Welcome to the Isla Vista Ethnobotany Project

We would like to preempt our page by acknowledging that we are fortunate to be able to work on the unceded, traditional, and ancestral territory of the Chumash people1,2. Much of the knowledge that we are sharing on this page comes from traditional ecological knowledge preserved and passed down through thousands of years by these peoples and many others throughout the country and world. We hope that our project can do justice to that tradition of sharing knowledge about how to live off and protect the land, while also acknowledging that the original inhabitants of this land have been irrevocably harmed by those who arrived on their territory with no thought but to claim it for themselves. These peoples who have called this place home for time immemorial still face adverse circumstances today in the aftermath of those foreign arrivals. Many of the native plants on this site have histories intertwined with the Chumash histories, and all deserve our utmost respect and thanks. With this, we hope to participate in some small way in the decolonization process of our locale3.

Here you can discover edible, medicinal and useful plants on the UCSB campus and in Isla Vista. We hope this site will help you get out and learn more about the world and the fascinating plants in it, but make sure to not take any unnecessary risks if you are unsure about a plant. When identifying and collecting plants be sure to use your own common sense in addition to checking listed information to ensure correct location and identification of plant species. These plants are watered with reclaimed water, so remember to always wash your plant collections well before use or consumption.  Finally, please respect the plants, private property, and the hard work done by the UCSB grounds crew to keep the campus looking nice. More about the Project

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kirsten's avatar purple eyed grass

Lemonade Berry


Miner's Lettuce




Ice Plant


Ice Plant





natal plum

Natal Plum





Bunya bunya Pine